Utunkon Consulting

Connect. Co-create. Accelerate.

Utunkon is an independent consultancy company

It is our mission to inspire and accelerate transitions by making a positive difference.



* WHY *

We are in need of fundamental change. Complex challenges such as climate change, resource scarcity, and social inequalities have exposed the vulnerability of our current systems. 

The transition towards a new system has already started. Corporate social responsibility, inclusive growth and innovation: the status quo is changing.

* HOW *

We exclusively work with partners and clients that inspire us. Because we carefully select the people we work with, we can ensure that our projects will accelerate transitions in all fields of life.

With our projects we hope to inspire others to do the same: to make a positive difference. 


* WHAT *

Utunkon offers advice and assistance to organizations and individuals on a broad range of projects. 
Our services are flexible, if required we cover every aspect: 

- Brainstorming - Research - Implementation - Evaluation -